Grassroots Sustainable Futures

Developing a Grassroots Sustainable Futures Platform-Collective Participation in a Community-Based Cultural Organisation (British Academy)

The research project funded by ( British Academy) consists of an interdisciplinary group of academics from Northumbria University (with backgrounds in the social sciences and humanities, architecture and design) working with The Word: The National Centre for the Written Word, state-of-the-art cultural venue that is situated on the riverside in South Shields, a town situated in the north east of England. The Word serves as a physical and interactive platform for a series of research activities (interviews, public talks, focus groups and creative workshops) that enable local social actors to reflect on sustainable behaviours and attitudes and form a basis to inform (and access) decision-making bodies actions towards the establishment of a net zero future. The research data will be illustrated through the creation aXnd provision of an exhibition held in The Word that communicates the outcomes of the research and a co-created community-based net zero grassroots action plan to connect the community with stakeholders.