DT-based Smart Transportation System

Digital Twin-Based Smart Transportation and Service System for Sustainable Development (British Council funded project 2023-2025)

The project is funded by British Council under the 2022 Enabling Grants to Strengthen UK-China Institutional Partnerships through academic collaboration. 

The project partners include Northumbria University led by Professor Shengfeng Qin, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) led by Professor Cuixia Ma, and Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) led by Professor Guofu Ding. 

Project Purpose: This project aims to strengthen our academic collaboration in research and teaching among university staff and students at the partner universities. Its objectives are (1) to establish a joint interdisciplinary research centre for Digital Twin-Based Smart Transportation and Service system among the UK-China partners initially for 5 years, (2) to boost research collaborations on smart transportation system research and (3) to enhance long-term strategic and sustainable research partnership among them.

In this research, we aim to explore how digital twins of both ITS and Cities can work together to make cities flooding resilient to ITS, since local/city flooding is location, position, and situation-sensitive event, needing a systematic solution.

Thus, the research questions will be about

The current research plan is to create a automatic generative method for CDT, set up case study for any citys with different situations, to see how physical world changes effect virtual twin changes, and identify solutions to make the city flood resilient. 

Current Work

Generative City Digital Twin (CDT) for City Resilience


Generative City Digital Twin (CDT)