DT-based Future Advanced Services

A Digital Twin Platform of The Customer Journey for Future Advanced Services (EPSRC)

This is a UK EPSRC feasibility study project under the Digitally Enhanced Advanced Services (DEAS) Network Plus Call. The project was led by Dr Sara Mountney at Sheffield Hallam University, with Co-investigators: Professor Vicky Story, Mrs Tracy Ross and Dr Melanie King at Loughborough University, Dr Kawaljeet Kapoor at Aston University, Professor Shengfeng Qin at Northumbria University, and Professor Jamie Burton at University of Manchester.  

The project aimed to: 1) take a customer-focused perspective to develop an in-depth understanding of a smart thermal comfort solution for two key market segments (social housing and smart home consumers), and 2) use this understanding to design and build a prototype of a digital platform that maps the expected customer journey for these new services. The mapping of the projected customer experience and building this understanding into the creation of a ‘digital twin’ platform, would create a tool that should support and simulate internal and external communication, education, and engagement, by providing an environment for co-creation to occur.